The Roadmap for a Java / Senior Java Developer

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We are living in a Continuous World. Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Learning, and so on.

Machines are learning faster and they are more consistent than us. They almost never fail. But we humans cannot be as consistent as machines. We tend to be lethargic and we have hiccups at times. But that’s perfectly fine and that’s the human nature

Sometimes we like to start learning new technologies but we may fail due to one of the following reasons

1. we don’t know where to start

2. we think about too many things and make it complicated

3. we lack the patience in the middle of something

4. we cannot balance our official work and learning

This time I have spent a couple of weeks gathering the requirements for myself and then I have set clear deadlines for it.

I have made a clear roadmap using the collected requirements and I am happy that I have successfully completed it hence I am writing an article on that to help my fellow peers.

Many firms are now undergoing digital transformation using leading technologies and hence it is the perfect time to update yourself.

Technology Stack

1. AWS / Cloud certs

2. Java8

3. Spring boot-microservices

4. Other full-stack technologies

5. Data structs and Algorithms

6. Practice in Hacker Rank and Leetcode

7. Design Patterns and Design Principles

8. System Design

9. reactjs-redux,/Angular

10. Portfolios

11. Methodologies

12. Other Programming Languages

Now let’s go into detail one by one

1. AWS / Cloud certs

Why cloud-first?

Because tough things first and easier things next. Cloud certifications cover entire full-stack technologies and lay a solid foundation for us.

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